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Faster ASP.NET Ajax websevices through multiple sub domain calls

Tuesday, August 12, 2008 2:01 AM

UPDATE: (14-10-2008): I have updated the code for several bug fixes and improvements.

I have written an article about making ASP.NET Ajax Webservice calls faster by using a technique where I divide the Ajax calls into several sub domains. The article includes a JavaScript class that acts like a manager for Ajax Webservice calls giving them several benefits. Its usage is transparent and you do not need to change your existing code. Any developer who uses ASP.NET Ajax Webservice calls should not miss this article.

There are a lot of posts on the Internet on AJAX Cross domain calls, or XMLHttpRequest Cross domain calls. My article achieves this but only for sub domains and for speeding things up. However you can combine dividing your calls across sub domains and for each sub domain use a proxy script on your server to serve you the requests you want. This way you will achieve speed and be able to do complete cross domain calls.

And you can find the article at code project here.

The proof of concept web application along with the proper scripts can be downloaded from here.

The proof of concept web application is also found live here http://testmultisubdomains.urlip.com/

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